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Marco 4 Elemento SIMON 82 Concept 8200647

Frame 4 Element SIMON 82 Concept 8200647

Ref: 90382 / 8200647


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Frame 4 Element SIMON 82 Concept 8200647

Ref: 90382 / 8200647

  • IP21
  • 13.5X97.5X311.5 mm
  • PC
  • Indoor
  • 13.5 mm
  • 97.5 mm
  • 311.5 mm

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Description Frame 4 Element SIMON 82 Concept 8200647

The SIMON 82 Concept 4-Element Frame has an integrated and minimalist aesthetic, highlighting its straight and pure lines, which are in high demand with current market trends. One of the advantages of the frames is that they can be installed both vertically and horizontally, without having to buy different references for one direction or the other, being available from 1 to 4 elements.

Manufactured in technical thermoplastic material, with a matt finish, the installation of the key or cover in the same colour is recommended.

To install it, once the mechanism is in place, we will only need a screwdriver in the case of sockets to screw on the cover, and simply our hands on the keys, as they fit under pressure.

For cleaning, the manufacturer advises us to simply use a cloth dampened in soapy water, which does not contain aggressive cleaning products that may contain chlorine or similar products that may deteriorate the product.

Compatibility: Simon 75, Simon 77 and Simon 82 mechanisms.

Reference: 8200647

Characteristics Frame 4 Element SIMON 82 Concept 8200647

Use: Indoor
IP Protection: IP21
Material: PC
Installation: Recessed
Size: 13.5X97.5X311.5 mm
Height: 13.5 mm
Width: 97.5 mm
Length: 311.5 mm
Warranty: SIMON
Certifications: CE
Brand: SIMON
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