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Marco 3 Elementos Blanco SIMON 28 28620

Frame 3 Elements White SIMON 28 28630

Ref: 91602 / 28630-30


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Frame 3 Elements White SIMON 28 28630

Ref: 91602 / 28630-30

  • 86x228 mm
  • PC
  • Outdoor
  • 86 mm
  • 228 mm
  • Surface, Recessed

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Description Frame 3 Elements White SIMON 28 28630

Marco 3 Element White is from the Simon 28 range is the perfect product for any mechanism or electrical system in the home, office or premises. Specifically, this model is designed for bases that supply power to an element or appliance and is presented in a classic white color, which allows it to match the decor of any space in which it is placed. It is recommended to use the white finish for keys and covers. Its installation is very simple and offers the possibility of doing it directly on the surface of the wall or by recessing. In addition, it can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

Its dimensions are 86 x 228 mm. It is made of thermosetting material, which extends the life of the product and allows it to withstand both low and high temperatures without interfering with its operation, which is undoubtedly a clear commitment to safety. It is available for 1, 2, 3 and 4 elements.

Compatibility: Simon 26, Simon 27 and Simon 75 mechanisms.

Reference: 28630-30 

Characteristics Frame 3 Elements White SIMON 28 28630

Use: Outdoor
Material: PC
Installation: Recessed, Surface
Size: 86x228 mm
Height: 86 mm
Width: 228 mm
Warranty: SIMON
Certifications: CE
Brand: SIMON
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