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Pack of 50 BHT 5 Heat Shrink Splice Terminal

Pack of 100 BHT 5 Heat Shrink Splice Terminal

Ref: 42352 / PK-100TRM-EMP-TRMTC-5


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Pack of 100 BHT 5 Heat Shrink Splice Terminal

Ref: 42352 / PK-100TRM-EMP-TRMTC-5

  • 56x36x15 mm
  • 48A max.
  • 3 Years
  • CE
  • Nylon
  • -55ºC / +105ºC
  • 56 mm
  • 36 mm

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Description Pack of 100 BHT 5 Heat Shrink Splice Terminal

Heat-shrink terminals are high security connections that combine the crimp of the terminal with a heat-shrink nylon tube to ensure tightness against dust and liquids. These terminals are internally coated with hot-melt adhesive.

The heat-shrink terminals are commonly used in the repairs of domestic and industrial vehicles as well as for the union of cables exposed to external atmospheric agents, vibrations, cable pulls, abrasions and cuts. It also has good resistance to water, saline environments and other pollutants.

Heat Shrinkable Terminals are halogen-free and flame retardant as they are mandatory in new buildings. Advantages include fire resistance and excellent ability to not spread fire. By not spreading fire, they extend the time available to evacuate a building, reduce the risk of gas inhalation, limit the corrosive effect of smoke on electronic equipment and circuits, and provide firefighters with easier access visibility to fire sources.

This Heat Shrinkable Splice Terminal does not act as a means of fire propagation, the fumes emitted are transparent and do not obstruct vision and allow people exposed to the gases from the combustion of the cables for 20 minutes not to suffer irreversible damage to their health.

The BHT 5 Heat Shrink Splice Terminal offers a completely watertight crimp with easy visual inspection, as well as excellent resistance against pulls, solvents, humidity as well as maintaining physical and electrical properties.


Characteristics Pack of 100 BHT 5 Heat Shrink Splice Terminal

Intensity Level: 48A max.
Cable Size: 4 - 6 m²
Material: Nylon
Size: 56x36x15 mm
Height: 56 mm
Width: 36 mm
Length: 15 mm
Air Temp. For Operation: -55ºC / +105ºC
Warranty: 3 Years
Certifications: CE
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