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Our featured products from Tri-proof Philips LED lights

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Philips LED Tube Enclosures are luminaires that benefit from the advantages of LED technology while adding the differentiating qualities and the guarantee that the Philips brand, a benchmark in the lighting market for years, has been developing and implementing throughout its history.

This makes Philips LED Tube Enclosures (Waterproof) displays options to consider when lighting indoor or outdoor spaces with the same level of efficiency and user satisfaction. Among the most significant uses that best represent the above statement are locations with lighting needs for garages, tunnels or even industrial LED lighting.

The high IP protection rating of Philips LED Tube Waterproof Enclosures displays together with their robustness, durability and long life lead to savings in maintenance costs, which directly influences a faster return on investment for this type of LED luminaire.

On the other hand, their high level of efficiency has an impact on their performance which, in turn, helps to incur a lower economic cost directly related to lower energy consumption.

In our online catalogue you can check all the features of the Philips LED Tube Enclosures that we have at your disposal.

Features of different types of Philips LED Enclosures

The different types of Philips LED Enclosures are born from taking into account criteria and functionalities such as:

  • The space or location where it will be installed together with the dimensions and surfaces to be illuminated and the dimensions of the LED Tube Enclosures
  • Power, brightness, frequency, luminous efficacy and allowable voltage.
  • The dimming and opening degree, the IP degree of protection, the type of insulation cable, as well as the CRI or Colour Rendering Index.
  • The weight of the LED display, including the type of material it is made of.
  • The colour temperature and the ambient temperature of the space to be illuminated.
  • The average lifespan of this type of LED luminaire.
  • The type of lens.
  • The type of certificates (CE and RoHS) and the inclusion or not of warranty.
  • The existence or absence of motion and presence sensors, as well as twilight sensors, controls and drivers.
  • The presence or absence of germicidal and disinfectant function.
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