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LED Furniture Lighting

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Discover our full range of LEDs for furniture, in our online catalogue we offer you different proposals for you to choose the one that best fits your needs, join the lighting of the future.

What aspects to consider when buying LED furniture lights and lighting?

The wide spectrum of locations, functionalities and needs covered by LED furniture lighting - from LED strips for kitchen furniture lighting and even drawer lighting to LED downlights for under furniture lighting - means that you need to pay special attention to a number of important specific aspects that can have consequences if your choice is not the right one.

These aspects include the following:

  • Functionality: the lighting requirements are not the same in a wardrobe as in a broom cupboard. The ideal type of luminaire is based on these requirements.
  • Position / location: even within the same room, a ceiling light is not the same as an under-cabinet light or an overhead light. The required halo of light serves different purposes and, in this respect, makes the difference.
  • Type of light: lighting a kitchen is not the same as lighting a dining room. Depending on the room, you will have to choose between warm, cold or neutral lights to create different atmospheres.
  • Types of furniture: even the lighting of wardrobes itself covers a wide range of possibilities. For example, you may want to highlight objects with a clear decorative accent, or you may want to easily locate items of clothing or utensils. Depending on the type of furniture, there are different luminaire solutions.

How to install LED lights in furniture?

The difficulty of installation will depend on whether the LED light has its own adhesive system to stick it directly onto the furniture, whether it will be fixed with double-sided tape or silicone, or whether you will have to use screws or clips to fix it perfectly.

In case the LED luminaire has an adhesive strip or if you are using double-sided tape, the installation is as simple as removing the protective paper and sticking the light to the furniture in the exact spot you have previously chosen.

In the case of installation with silicone, you simply have to fit the LED light and seal it with silicone to the chosen piece of furniture.

It can also be the case that the LED lighting with adhesive or silicone is fixed to a trunking which is in turn fixed to the furniture to be illuminated.

On the other hand, if the installation is to be fitted with screws or PVC clips, the first step is to choose the right material in terms of size and then fix it to the furniture.

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