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Surge Protection

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About Surge Protection

What are surges, how do they happen and what do they cause?

Surges are very high voltage peaks that can cause significant damage to electrical and electronic equipment and can also degrade conductors and render an installation unusable.

There are two types of overvoltages, permanent and transient. Permanent overvoltages are caused by a possible decompensation of the supply phases due to a possible break in the neutral. Transient overvoltages can be caused by a lightning strike on the power supply line or on a telecommunications installation.

How can we protect ourselves from surges?

There are various types of devices that protect installations against overvoltages (fuses, transient or permanent surge protectors), these devices shunt the overvoltage produced to earth.

Where are Surge Protectors installed?

It is installed between the output of the IGA (Automatic General Circuit Breaker) and the input of the ID (Differential Circuit Breaker).