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Philips LED Tubes

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About Philips LED Tubes

Philips LED tubes combine the advantages of LED technology with the quality and guarantees represented by a brand of this level. The reputation of the Philips brand is backed up by its many years in the market and the company's unblemished track record, which extends to each and every one of its products.

Philips LED tubes offer general illumination with a natural effect. They are available in different sizes and three types of light temperature - warm, neutral and cold - adapting perfectly to different environments and needs.

Their particular characteristics make LED tubes an excellent alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes. Among other benefits, they provide an energy saving of 65%, which in turn means lower electricity bills.

The useful life of these tubes is exactly twice that of fluorescent tubes, implying a 50% reduction in the number of purchases you will have to make compared to non-LED tubes and providing further savings for your domestic finances.

Do not forget that these types of lights are also more environmentally friendly and do not contain materials that are harmful or dangerous to people such as highly toxic mercury dust.

Moreover, they are compatible with electromagnetic ballast (EM) installation tubes but can also be connected directly to the network. Indeed, among the Philips LED tube packs that we feature in our online catalogue you will find models with ballast-free side connection that optimize consumption.

The Philips CorePro LED tubes that we sell in LED effect are manufactured with a shorter aluminium bushing which results in better performance and lower consumption. These models also include a starter protector.

These types of LED tubes are especially suitable for:

  • Garage lighting.
  • Lighting for shops and commercial premises.
  • Outdoor car parks.
  • Communal areas in blocks of flats.
  • Buildings.
  • Signage.
  • Warehouses.
  • Cold storages.