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LED strip connectors allow you to join different strip sections quickly and easily or connect them to a controller when dealing with very tight corners or creating splits, without the need for any soldering.

In our online lighting catalogue, we have connector models for 220V LED strips. We also have extremely resistant versions for outdoor LED strips, thanks to their high grade of protection that can go up to IP67 (Ingress Protection).

At Ledkia we have extremely durable rigid L, T or I-shaped connectors with designs that are suitable for high power, like the SMD5050 LED strips or with high density COB technology, with up to 4 pins. You can also get connecting cables with different, more flexible features.

With our selection of LED strip connectors, you can connect various monochromatic strips of the same colour or of different colours, RGB LED stripsneon LED strips and round LED tubes too. We also have solutions for bespoke sizes with lengths of 1, 5, 10 or 20 metres each and longer.

How can I find out which type of connector to buy to join up LED strips?

There is a large variety of connectors on the market to respond to the different demands of LED strips.

So, the first thing you should check is if the type of connector you choose is compatible with your lights.

Consider the following points in this order to help you find the most suitable connector:

  1. The place where you plan to connect your strips. If you want to put your LED strips outdoors, make sure that they are at least IP65.
  2. The way you need to connect them. You can get them in a straight I-shape, special L-shaped connectors for 90º angles, or as a T-shape that will allow you to add more than one strip. If you need greater flexibility, choose connector cables that allow for movement of the LED strip.
  3. The type of lighting. This means, the RGB LED strip lighting needs a 4 pin connector, and the monochromatic ones require 2 pin connectors.
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