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About Portable Battery Series

Rechargeable LED floodlights are easily transportable, a characteristic that makes them a high quality and extremely versatile lighting option, suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces.

These battery operated LED floodlights are fantastic for spaces where you don’t have electric sockets, but require bright and very efficient professional lighting.

These lights are long-lasting, made of robust materials like aluminium, a material that helps to eliminate the heat generated. With this in mind, their high degree of protection makes these lights perfect for spaces that are exposed to dust and water.

Their high performance lithium batteries offer a bright light that lasts for hours, they are environmentally friendly and are free from radiation.

In Ledkia, you can find portable LED floodlights of different outputs, ranging from 10 W (watts) to 100 W, which provide up to 15,000 lumens for different degrees of aperture.

Among the features of our battery operated floodlights, you can find a high colour rendering index which can reach a CRI of 90 so you can enjoy unaltered LED lighting.

Characteristics of rechargeable LED floodlights

In our online catalogue, we have models that can be operated at a distance using a remote control, enabling you to carry out various adjustments, such as managing the brightness.

We also offer you versions with different operating modes, both automatic and manual.

We also have rechargeable LED floodlights with PIR movement sensors available (passive infrared sensors) with a reach of several metres, also with a twilight detector.

In the same way, in Ledkia, you will find rechargeable LED floodlights that enable you to programme different time periods.

We also have multipurpose designs available that you can tailor perfectly to suit your requirements thanks to their 360º rotating axis, in addition to solar powered LED floodlights that can also be operated directly connected to the solar panel.

Tips for choosing rechargeable LED floodlights

When it comes to choosing rechargeable LED floodlights, you should pay attention to the usual considerations when choosing LED lighting. This may include the power, aperture angles, whether they are adjustable or not, etc.

However, when we are talking about battery operated LED floodlights, you need to consider these elements as well as 2 others that we share with you below:

  1. Make sure they have IP65 protection which makes them dust tight and resistant to splashes of water. Consider the fact that they will be used mostly outdoors and, if you are going to transport them, the exposure to these elements increases.
  2. Check the lumens provided by the portable LED, since they must be sufficient to light up the space. As a guide, bear in mind that 8000 or 10,000 lm will be enough for a garden, perhaps less in a small garden. In the case of an external facade, 10,000 lm per floodlight will be enough.