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Wireless Electrical Mechanisms

Wireless wifi mechanisms, which include switches and plugs, enable the electric current to be turned on or off remotely, specifically via a wifi connection.

This facilitates switching domestic or commercial lighting on and off, as well as electronic devices, thanks to a mobile phone and/or a wireless remote, depending on the model.

Discover our selection of smart electrical mechanisms

Our online catalogue contains a selection of smart surface mounted electrical mechanisms and embedded mechanisms which include wifi and smart switches and plugs.

These include our wifi RF switches which are compatible with buttons with 2.4 GHz (gigahertz) broadband technology that you can install to control your LED lights without having to install wiring.

In Ledkia we also have dimmer and multi-way switches and smart wall switch modules so you can control lights even by using voice messages.

We also offer you 1-10 V CTT dimmer switches that you can use as timers to automate the working of domestic lights or in commercial and professional premises.

We also have smart relay models available that can be installed in any universal embedded box and which, thanks to an application, enable you to control your lights and devices remotely.

Most of these electric wifi mechanisms are compatible with well-known domotics systems like Alexa, IFTT or Google Home, among many others.

In terms of smart plugs, we suggest F-type wifi plugs with or without embedded casing, or surface mounted plugs with versions that light up.

Our products also include solutions that are as versatile as smart plugs for outdoor use that enable multi-way switches to be controlled remotely for conventional lighting and electrical devices.

Benefits of smart electrical mechanisms

Smart and wifi mechanisms are an effective, convenient and agile solution in different contexts to control lighting and connected devices.

We share some of their advantages with you:

  • Efficiency in managing energy. In general, these electrical components enable smart houses, offices or businesses to be created that optimise the management of your resources.
  • They provide convenience and help to people with reduced mobility. They enable simple management using your mobile phone without the need to physically move anywhere.
  • They improve the management of second homes. They prevent lights and devices from needing to be switched on permanently, consuming resources needlessly.
  • Increased efficiency in the control of business and office costs. Thanks to the installation of smart mechanisms, you can easily control the switching on and off of advertising billboards, display cabinets, promotional screens, computers and lights. Some models even allow you to personalise the programming of different behaviours.


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