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GU5.3 / MR16 LED bulbs, popularly known as "portholes", replace recessed halogen bulbs that are placed in false ceilings, providing you with significant light savings. Consider that a GU5.3 bulb of 400 lm (lumens) is equivalent to a conventional halogen of 35 or 40 W (watts).

In order to give you multiple options, we offer you different models that operate at 12-14 V (volts) or at 220-240 V (volts). You can embellish them with metal rings that can be tiltable, circular or square. At Ledkia we have a wide range of accessories for GU5.3 and MR16 LED bulbs that will help you to achieve a homogeneous lighting to suit your needs.

In fact, we have several options that give you the possibility to select the light temperature between warm, cool or neutral white, as well as the type of technology - SMD LED or COB LED - that best suits your needs.

Similarly, dimmable GU5.3 models with a colour rendering index of over 90 are also available, making them ideal for clothing shops, photographic studios or for the work of professionals such as graphic designers.

In our online catalogue we offer you bulbs of different wattages made of high quality materials that provide a pleasant brightness thanks to different angles of aperture and with intensities that can reach up to 660 lm.

Decorate shop windows, display cabinets, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. with our GU5.3/MR16 LED bulbs. Create a feeling of spaciousness, elegance and visual comfort thanks to a quality light while saving energy consumption and protecting the environment thanks to CE, RoHS and UKCA certifications.

What does GU5.3 / MR16 mean?

Nomenclature GU5.3 is broken down as follows:

  • GU. Refers to the type of socket. This is a terminal contact used with bulbs that have rear heat emission protection.
  • 5.3. This numbering identifies the pin spacing, which in this case is 5.3 mm (millimetres).

MR16 is a standard nomenclature that stands for multifaceted reflector and refers to the type of connection of the bulb. It is equivalent to GU5.3.

In any case, if you are thinking of changing your conventional halogen bulbs for LED bulbs to save on your electricity bill, bear in mind the type of connectors you have installed, as well as knowing whether you need 12 V or 220 V bulbs.

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