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Empty tri-proof LED light fixtures

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About Empty tri-proof LED light fixtures

Empty watertight enclosures for LED tubes not only serve to house them, but also protect them from shocks or even from external aggressions such as water, cold or dust.

Their customised protection system provides them with what is necessary to be a totally valid option in both indoor and outdoor installations that require a particularly high level of resistance. In this sense, it is common to see this type of LED waterproof luminaires in spaces such as industrial warehouses, supermarkets or garages, among others.

A further defining feature of the empty LED tube enclosures is the high quality material from which they are made, which must be highly resistant to heat and shock.

In particular, polycarbonate is the star of this type of LED luminaire whether we are talking about industrial LED lighting or commercial LED lighting.

At Ledkia we know that the easy installation and the variety of models on the market of empty watertight enclosures for LED tubes are key factors for users and so we make it clear in our online catalogue available on our website.

What aspects to consider when buying a waterproof LED enclosure?

The key aspects to consider when purchasing an LED waterproof enclosure are:

  1. Space where you are going to install it, activity to be carried out (indoor or outdoor) and light power to be achieved, as well as the number of light points and the surface and dimensions to be illuminated.
  2. Meteorological factors that may affect it.
  3. IK degree of mechanical resistance to harmful impacts and IP degree of protection required.
  4. Whether or not to include LED tube(s). If included, number of tubes to be housed (single or double screen).
  5. Type of thermal insulation cable and whether or not there is a power supply near the LED luminaire to be installed.
  6. Measurements of the light source(s) to be contained.
  7. Desired power, voltage and degree of regulation.
  8. Certificates you must have.
  9. Does or does not include warranty. In the case of a warranty, the number of years of validity of the warranty.
  10. Price and brand.