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Our featured products from Linear LED Bar Accessories

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The different accessories for linear LED bars that we have at Ledkia are your perfect allies to create installations with customised shapes that will adapt like a glove to the features of the space or room that you want to illuminate.

Let your imagination run wild and combine different solutions to achieve elegant and personalised decorative effects while ensuring proper LED lighting.

As they can be installed both indoors and outdoors, our linear LED bar fixtures have different protection factors. In particular, we are talking about IP20, IP40 and IP65 protections to cope with dust and water exposure to a greater or lesser extent.

Types of accessories for linear LED bars

Modules, patchcords, plugs, surface-mounted kits and motion detectors are all accessories for linear LED bars that you will find in our online catalogue together with the connectors.

  • Connectors. They allow you to modify and adjust the direction or position of the LED linear bars by creating turns of different degrees so that the installation can be adapted to the shape you need to give. The three shapes of connectors we sell are T, L and X. Use them to link different LED linear bars and create unique layouts for your installation.
  • Modules. They are used for suspended mounting of T8 and T5 track systems.
  • Hoses. Use them to join two linear modules.
  • Caps / End Caps. They help to securely and correctly seal the last linear LED bar of the series you have connected.
  • Surface Kits. They allow you to install LED linear bars in those recessed installation spaces where you don't want to cut into the ceiling.
  • Motion detectors. They are used to effectively manage the switching on and off of LED luminaires when they identify movement in the detection area. In addition to movement, they are also triggered by a lack of light in the room where they are installed.

Use our accessories in different types of installations

All of these accessories are designed to create installations, whether surface-mounted, suspended or flush-mounted.

  • Overlapping installations. They integrate with the architectural elements of the ceiling or walls and do not require major modifications.
  • Suspended installations. They are ideal if you want to create a linear ceiling pendant luminaire. In terms of design, they allow you to illuminate with an elegant and exclusive decorative touch.
  • Built-in installations. They form lines of LED lighting which, when integrated into the walls, ceilings or floors, emerge harmoniously, giving a touch of distinction and blending in with the aesthetic lines of the room in question.
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