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Recessed 360º Motion Detector with Radar

Recessed 360º Motion Sensor with Radar

Ref: 1094 / NE-DPR-360E


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Recessed 360º Motion Sensor with Radar

Ref: 1094 / NE-DPR-360E

  • Ø60 mm
  • 360º
  • IP20
  • 220-240V AC
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 75xØ80 mm
  • 3 Years
  • 0.09 Kg
  • PCB
  • Indoor
  • -20°C ~ +40°C
  • 8 m

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Description Recessed 360º Motion Sensor with Radar

This Motion Sensor, which can be recessed in the ceiling, has a 360º coverage angle and a 1 to 8 metre detection field when installed at a height of 1.5 to 3.5 metres.

The detector activates its output circuit when motion is detected within its range and deactivates when the movement is no longer detected, after an adjustable amount of time. It includes a detection distance regulator, light sensitivity (day/night) and a timer.

Detection angle: 360°

Detection distance: a 1 to 8 metre radius.

Minimum power-ON time: 10 seconds ±3 seconds.

Minimum power-OFF time: 12 minutes ±1 minute.

Installation height: 1.5 to 3.5 metres.

Detection speed: 0.6-1.5 m/s.

Charges: 300W LED and 1200W Incansdescent.

Characteristics Recessed 360º Motion Sensor with Radar

Maximum Power: 300 W
Voltage: 220-240V AC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Protection Class: II
Beam Angle: 360º
Use: Indoor
IP Protection: IP20
Material: PCB
Installation: Recessed
Size: 75xØ80 mm
Cut-Out Ø60 mm
Height: 75 mm
Diameter: Ø80 mm
Total Weight: 0.09 Kg
Detector: Radar
Detection Distance: 8 m
Detection Angle: 360º
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +40°C
Warranty: 3 Years
Certifications: CE & RoHS,UKCA
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