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Luminaria LED PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W

PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W Luminaire

Ref: 68341 / LMNR-LD-PHLPS-MLG57


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PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W Luminaire

Ref: 68341 / LMNR-LD-PHLPS-MLG57

  • 57 W
  • 6135 lm
  • IP65
  • 220-240V AC
  • 70
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 220x80x495 mm
  • ENEC
  • PC, Aluminium
  • 4000K
  • 30,000 Hours

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Description PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W Luminaire

The CoreLine Malaga LED Luminaire is manufactured by the prestigious Dutch brand PHILIPS recognized worldwide as a leading brand in LED lighting. Its road luminaires are of high quality and are designed to be installed on urban roads and in residential areas.

The CoreLinea Malaga family consists of two sizes and includes a Philips standardized design LED engine light source and an outdoor IP65 driver with Philips Xitanium fixed current output. It has been designed with the highest possible efficiency, so that it performs the same task as the old SON-T Sodium lamps, provides the right amount of light in the right place.

Features of the PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W Luminaire

Medium Beam Optics (DM) provides efficient distribution over the road or sidewalks. The combination produces interesting energy savings that significantly reduce operating costs. A realistic energy reduction of 50% is possible.

Since The LED light system of CoreLine Malaga LED lasts as long as the luminaire, only the savings in the replacements of the old SON-T sodium lamps pays off the investment made.

The ease of installation is obtained thanks to the extended cable gland function; you do not need to open the luminaire to connect the power cord. At the same time, the flat glass cover can be removed to access the driver for maintenance. Together, the functions and features of CoreLine Malaga LED means that there is no doubt when choosing it.

Benefits of the PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W Luminaire

• Reliable quality.

• Ready for pairing with software and lighting control applications.

• Easy recovery of investment.

• The driver can be maintained and replaced.

• IP65 and IK08 provide long-lasting operation.

• Equipped with a Service label, each luminaire can be uniquely identified.

Applications of the PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W Luminaire

• General exteriors; roads, streets and residential areas.     

• Parking lots.

• Industrial areas.

• Public transport, such as bus or tram stops.

Review Philips Warranty Policy, Terms and Conditions

Characteristics PHILIPS CoreLine Malaga 57W Luminaire

Power: 57 W
Power Factor: 0.95
Voltage: 220-240V AC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Colour Temp: 4000K
CRI: 70
Lumens: 6135 lm
Luminous Efficiency: 110 lm/W
Energy Efficiency 2021 (UE-1369/2017): A
Energy Efficiency 2023 (UE-2019/2015): F
Use: Outdoor
IP Protection: IP65
IK Protection: IK08
Material: Aluminium, PC
Size: 220x80x495 mm
Height: 220 mm
Width: 80 mm
Length: 495 mm
Life Span: 30,000 Hours
Warranty: PHILIPS
Certifications: ENEC, CE & RoHS


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