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Controlador Regulador Monocolor 12/24V DC + Control Remoto RF MiBoxer

MiBoxer 12/24V DC Monochrome Dimmer + RF Remote Control

Ref: 87371 / FUT036S+FUT087


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MiBoxer 12/24V DC Monochrome Dimmer + RF Remote Control

Ref: 87371 / FUT036S+FUT087

  • Remote Control
  • IP20
  • 12V DC, 24V DC
  • 3 Years
  • UKCA
  • PC
  • Monochrome
  • RF Remote Control
  • Indoor
  • 30 m
  • AAA
  • 144W (12V) // 288W (24V)

Description MiBoxer 12/24V DC Monochrome Dimmer + RF Remote Control

The MiBoxer 12/24V DC Monochrome Dimmer + RF Remote Control is a pack consisting of a controller and a remote control.

Features of the MiBoxer 12/24V DC Monochrome Dimmer compatible with the RF Remote Control

The MiBoxer FUT036S Single Colour 12/24V DC LED Strip Dimmer Controller FUT036S compatible with RF Controller is made of high resistance PC and has an extra flat and slim format, which makes it easy to use in a wide range of applications. With this controller you can remotely control the LED Strip using a MiBoxer RF Remote Controller. The maximum distance between the remote and the nearest controller is 30 metres, and it transmits to another controller as long as it is within a range of 30 metres.

Installation is very simple, it is powered by 12-24 V DC via a jack connector or can be connected via a bare wire directly to the V+/V- ports. An output current of 12A is obtained for each of the 2 channels, which is usually the current at which the majority of LED Strips on the market operate.

Features of the RF Remote Control for MiBoxer FUT087 Monochrome LED Dimmers

The MiBoxer FUT087 Remote Control for LED Dimmers uses radio frequency technology. Using the ON/OFF button we can switch the luminaire on and off and the dimmer button we can adjust the brightness. It only needs 2 AAA batteries, not included. It can control devices with a control distance of up to 30 metres.

Its design is elegant and minimalist, with high quality shock resistant PC finishes. It is operated only with the touch of your finger without the need to exert pressure. It is wireless and includes a bracket for easy wall mounting and transport when needed.

* MiBoxer Controller Controller Ref. FUT036S / Dimensions: 74.5x36x17 mm
* MiBoxer RF Controller Ref. FUT087 / Dimensions: Ø80x17 mm

*Compatible with MiBoxer WiFi Controller 2.4GHz Gateway WL-box1.

Characteristics MiBoxer 12/24V DC Monochrome Dimmer + RF Remote Control

Maximum Power: 144W (12V) // 288W (24V)
Voltage: 12V DC, 24V DC
Max Output Current: 12 A
Dimmable: Remote Control
Light Colour: Monochrome
Use: Indoor
IP Protection: IP20
Material: PC
Detection Distance: 30 m
Battery: AAA
Number of Batteries: 2
Includes: RF Remote Control
Doesn't include: Batteries
Warranty: 3 Years
Certifications: UKCA, CE & RoHS
Brand: MiBoxer


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