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Number of Neon LEDs

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About Number of Neon LEDs

LED neon numbers enable you to enjoy personalised lighting which is reminiscent of the old neon signs, while also making the most of the excellent efficiency associated with LED lighting.

You can use them to highlight the number of tables in your restaurant, for example, or to combine them with other neon signs made up of letters to personalise your logo, a welcome message or to liven up a dark or boring corner of your home.

They provide clean, bright and uniform lighting that doesn’t dazzle, enveloping you in an extremely comfortable yet striking light.

Easy installation and a wide variety of designs

In Ledkia, we offer you numbers 0 to 9 and symbols like the hash symbol or the ‘&’ in pink or white with the enticing Gotham font with soft edges and perfectly legible from a distance.

They are made with an acrylic material which is translucent, very robust and, in addition, improves the optical effect of the neon by preventing glare.

These neon numbers are very simple to install since they include everything you need to install them without the need for tools.

Each number incorporates a neodymium magnet and a metal piece to attach the magnet to. This makes it easier for you to fix it to a wall. Another option is to use 3M adhesives which are also included in case you need to fix them to other surfaces.

The consumption of these LED neon numbers is very low, exactly 3W per element and the major advantage is that they don't heat up or contain polluting gases.

In fact, the neon numbers in our online catalogue feature IP44 protection and CE & RoHS and UKCA durability and safety certificates.

Once you have configured your composition of LED numbers that you will join with a T Cable (also included), you just need to plug them into the mains with a 12V LED power adaptor.