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Preassembled Electrical Panels

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About Preassembled Electrical Panels

A pre-assembled electrical panel contains all the necessary elements of the General Protection and Control Box (GPCB). In other words, it includes all the electrical protections necessary to protect against direct and indirect contacts, in a box ready for installation. For single-phase supplies they can be basic electrification (from 5750W to 7360W) or high electrification (from 9200 to 14490W), depending on their power they will use a different IGA (Circuit Breaker) calibre. All the necessary information to know the protection number and which ones to use in our CGPM can be found in the ITC-BT-25.

Elements of a pre-assembled switchboard

In the pre-assembled frame we have the following components::

  • Recessed box: Element where the protection elements are installed and to place them on the wall.
  • IGA: Automatic General Circuit Breaker.
  • ID: Differential Switch.
  • PIA: Small Circuit Interrupter. As many as there are circuits to be protected.

How many circuits make up an electrical installation?

As we have seen, the number of elements in a pre-assembled switchboard will depend on the circuits to be served. This number varies depending on whether it is an installation with basic or high electrification.

For basic electrification we have:

  • C1: Supplies the lighting points.
  • C2: General-purpose and refrigerator sockets.
  • C3: Feeds cooker and oven.
  • C4: Feeds washing machine, dishwasher and electric boiler.
  • C5: Bathroom sockets, as well as kitchen auxiliary sockets.

In the case of high electrification, in addition to the above, the following circuits would be added:

  • C6: Additional to C1, for every 30 points of light.
  • C7: Additional to C2, for every 20 general-purpose sockets or if the surface area exceeds 160 m2 .
  • C8: Intended for electric heating, with prior provision for installation.
  • C9: Destinado a instalación de aire acondicionado, con previa previsión de instalación.
  • C10: Intended for a separate dryer.
  • C11: intended for an automation system.