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The time switches control the on and off timing of any load as long as it does not exceed the maximum intensity allowed by the device, it is installed on DIN rail. With these you can control irrigation, lighting, etc...

Types of time switches

Two types of time switches are differentiated according to whether they are analogue or digital:

  • Analogue time switch: Manually programmed by means of a wheel with different positions.
  • Digital time switch: This works in the same way as the analogue time switch, but unlike the analogue time switch, it is programmed with a digital display and buttons. In general, they are more versatile models and can be used to achieve greater precision.

Where are time switches installed

Depending on the model, the installation location may vary. On the one hand, plug-in models only need to be placed in the corresponding socket and connect the device to be controlled to the switch itself. On the other hand, the modular ones are placed in a distribution box connected to the elements or circuits to be controlled.

Finally, we can find flush-mounted, surface-mounted or DIN rail-mounted models.

Common uses of time switches

The variety of uses we can give to these devices both in a domestic and professional environment is very varied, here we show you some examples:

  • Programming the switching on and off of the water pump in a swimming pool.
  • Automatically switch on the heating or air conditioning some time before we get home.
  • Adjusting the timetable for switching on the lights in a shop window.
  • Run the water heater during the hours when electricity is most economical.
  • Design automated irrigation systems.
  • Automate the ignition of engines and machines.

In general, these are actions which, when automated by means of time switches, provide convenience, comfort and energy savings.

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