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The profiles with integrated LED strip have a LED strip incorporated into the profile that facilitates its installation and integration, providing a touch of elegance through an indirect, clean and comfortable light either for your home or business.

Its minimalist design fits in with all decorative styles and is particularly suitable for small spaces that do not want to compromise on quality lighting.

So, thanks to the different designs of integrated LED profiles that we offer in our online catalogue, you can create lines of light on your walls and ceilings, mark staircases, corridors or terraces, add a sophisticated touch to your shelves, display cabinets or cupboards, or accentuate furniture that you want to highlight.

They are available in various wattages ranging from 3 to 15 W (Watts), with multiple sizes that fit discreetly on any type of surface and in any location, even in corners.

At Ledkia we offer you profiles with integrated LED strip with opal lens that avoid glare and create a very welcoming lighting effect.

You can also choose between different colour temperatures such as warm, neutral or cool white and opt for profiles with an integrated LED strip that can be switched on or dimmed without contact, i.e. you only need to bring your hand close to activate it, which is as convenient as it is practical.

We also have models that incorporate a female quick connector cable, which allows you to connect the profile directly to different types of connectors that you can find in our LED profile accessories section.

Decorative uses of profiles with integrated LED strips

The profiles with integrated LED strip allow you to achieve modern and professional finishes for your spaces, all while enjoying low energy consumption.

You can use them in different ways:

  • As direct light to illuminate your spaces without glare.
  • As ambient light to create special and cosy corners thanks to a warm and enveloping light.
  • To put the spotlight on a piece of furniture, a picture or a shelf and to define its contours.
  • To mark the route of a staircase or corridor by eliminating dark spots that can be dangerous.

In addition to all these applications you can play with different colour temperatures to obtain very suggestive results.

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