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Christmas Lights

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Our fine selection of LED Christmas lights include an attractive variety of models with white and coloured light garlands, charming LED candles made using natural wax and all types of Christmas light bulbs taking centre stage, ideal for adding a festive spirit to every part of your home, both inside and outside.

Christmas is a season of get togethers and celebrations, and each year it is filled with cherished traditions like decorating the home with garlands and coloured lights that are worthy of such a major festival. Have fun creating your Christmas décor with LED lights!

Where can you install LED Christmas lights indoors and outdoors?

Your home has multiple places that are suitable for including LED Christmas lights. In fact, there is as much variety of decorative options as you can imagine.

Here we show you some of the places you can take advantage of to decorate with LED Christmas lights:

  • Banisters and staircases. These are ideal places for installing LED tubes and garlands.
  • Door frames. Don’t hesitate and hang garlands or even LED mesh garlands.
  • Side tables. Make them look more Christmassy with some of our table lamp models or Christmas trees or figures.
  • Trees, hedges and plants. Make the most of your garden’s natural resources and unleash your creativity thanks to the multiple models of outdoor garlands that can be solar or not.

Precautions to take when installing LED Christmas lights in the home

Choosing Christmas decorations with LED lights offers many advantages when it comes to savings and safety, but you must remember to take certain precautions when installing them:

  1. Keep cables and power strips away from any source of moisture or metal surfaces.
  2. Check the condition of the cables and make sure none of them have any cuts or cracks.
  3. Use European Community approved power strips and avoid overloading them with too many connections.
  4. Switch off the lighting when you are not going to be at home or use programmable timers to set the lights to switch on and off automatically.