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Christmas Curtain Lights

LED Christmas curtain lights are a great option for decorating the interior and exterior of your home during the festive season, with several parallel strips ideal for placing on walls, windows, doors and even ceilings.

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About Christmas Curtain Lights

This type of lighting solution projects a high quality light and adds its own touch of stylishness at a decorative level, which, as well as helping you to create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere, saves you money due to its low energy consumption.

Not only will your electricity bill not be affected by these luminaires, but the LED Christmas curtain lights will also help you to decorate your home in a sustainable way. In our catalogue they are available in various sizes and light colours.

Our LED Christmas curtain lights also feature high IP protection against dust, water and weathering, so they are an ideal choice for adding some magical lighting to the most special corners of your garden.

How do you install an LED Christmas curtain light?

There are several ways to install an LED Christmas curtain light depending mainly on the room or place where you want to install it.

As this is a Christmas decoration item that can sometimes be quite heavy, it is advisable to dispense with weak installation techniques such as adhesive tape.

Instead, if you intend to attach it to a wall as a decorative Christmas tapestry, you can use small hooks and brackets to attach it to the wall and place your LED curtain at the desired height without the risk of it coming off under the weight.

On the other hand, if you don't want to complicate your life and prefer to attach it to your curtain rod, for example, you can use the curtain's own hooks to do so.

How can I reuse my LED curtain light after Christmas?

Your LED Christmas curtain light has a life beyond December and there are plenty of ways to make the most of it once the festive season is over. Take note of these ideas:

  • Combine them with your usual decoration! Use decorations you have at home such as stars, vases with flowers or plants and integrate them with your LED curtain light to create a new decoration for an open wall. Another example: we all like to collect good memories in the form of photos, so why not use your LED Christmas curtain light to hang your favourite photos on the wall and illuminate your living room?
  • Beautify your headboard! Let your imagination run wild and design artistic and attractive shapes with your LED curtain light. Simply attach it to the wall for a beautiful headboard that will be the centre of attention for the lighting in your bedroom.
  • Imagine using an LED Christmas curtain light as a screen that separates 2 rooms, how about integrating it into your terrace lighting or LED garden lighting and create your own unique spaces?