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The E12 LED bulbs offer lighting with great energy efficiency and have an long lifespan - up to 50,000 hours - thanks to the LED technology they integrate. These characteristics are enhanced by the quality of the materials of which they are made, such as aluminium and polycarbonate.

This makes them the perfect replacement for incandescent E12 bulbs and enables them to deliver considerable savings in light consumption.

They are also very practical for lighting if you would like to leave them on at night. For example, they can be used as a night light for children who are afraid of the dark or who wake up at night. The consumption is minimal and the light emitted is very soft. In addition to this advantage, they do not produce heat, so they are very safe.

The E12 bulbs, known as 12-millimetre thin-socket bulbs, offer a cold, neutral or warm light depending on the model. Thanks to an opening angle of 360º you can create comfortable ambiences and enjoy quality light without glare.

In addition, given their small size and power of around 2 watts (w), they are often used in small luminaires or lamps that require candle-type bulbs, such as some models of chandelierswall lights or small table lamps.

Advantages of E12 bulbs for domestic night lighting

These small bulbs are ideal, together with E14 LEDs, for use in domestic lighting that needs to be left on at night.

You can use them as guide lights in the dark if you do not want to wake up or disturb others with more intense light.

E12 bulbs have the following features that will be useful in these and other cases:

  • They provide constant and homogeneous light.
  • They do not emit heat, which is why they are completely safe.
  • They consume little energy, as they do not offer high wattages but provide efficient light.
  • They are glare-free, helping to prevent accidents.
  • As an added value, its reduced price allows you to install several of them in different places in order to avoid unwanted shadows.
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