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Our featured products from T8 LED Tubes 150cm

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Do your bit for sustainable lighting and save on your electricity bill by replacing the old system of fluorescent tube lights in your home, business or garage with our 150 cm LED tube lights.

Their large size and light intensity make our 150 cm LED tube lights one of the most highly recommended options on the market when it comes to lighting large spaces with high ceilings which, because of their characteristics, need light 24 hours a day.

They couldn’t be more simple and intuitive to install; our 150cm LED tube lights incorporate a marked side connection which plugs directly into the mains and does not require any additional devices to balance or limit the voltage: once connected, they will start to light up.

If you are looking for a specific model of 150 cm LED tube lights, don’t hesitate to take a look at our online catalogue, which includes LED tube lights of different powers, made with materials like glass or aluminium, and capable of emitting light of up to 2,860 lumens.

Additionally, some of our models incorporate IP44 protection which enables them to work efficiently in outdoor spaces or in structures where there may be some humidity.

Look for the LED tube light that best suits your needs, choose aspects such as the light temperature, IP protection or the degree of aperture and start to enjoy the advantages of our products now.

Spaces and rooms recommended for 150 cm LED tube lights.

The length and durability of our 150 cm LED tube lights makes them particularly suitable for use in agricultural or industrial buildings that need to keep the lights switched on continuously for long periods of time.

This includes factories, farms, large mechanical workshops and other types of business where the features and characteristics of LED tube lights can involve a significant economic saving thanks to their lower consumption compared to traditional and more polluting options like fluorescent tube lights.

They are also suitable for lighting areas with a collective use, such as bus stations or interchanges, and it is also common to find 150 cm LED tube lights in large kitchens in schools or nursing homes, or work rooms that are particularly big and spacious where powerful and silent light is essential.

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