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Our featured products from T8 LED Tubes 90cm

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If you are thinking about replacing the conventional fluorescent tube lighting system in your home or business, have a look at the 90 cm LED tubes in our catalogue and discover a more sustainable way of lighting which, by using less electricity, also contributes to a monthly saving on your lighting bill.

The LED tubes offer a better performance than the fluorescent models and emit a light that is notable for its firmness and its intensity. This has made them the most sought-after tube, and they are available in a large variety of types and sizes.

Basically, our 90 cm LED tubes are specially designed to provide a powerful, clear and balanced light, which makes them a good choice when choosing a principal, efficient and long-lasting lighting system for any room in your home.

Also, they are simple, clean and quick to install, and they don’t require a starter or ballast in order to work.

With various models of different strengths available, and up to three different types of light temperature to choose from, our 90 cm LED tubes are a versatile and efficient way of adopting the favourable aspects of LED lighting systems.

Recommended spaces and rooms for 90 cm LED tubes

The characteristics and the length of our 90 cm LED tubes make them particularly suitable as the principal lighting system for any room in your home.

However, as they are larger than the 60 cm LED tubes and emit a more intense light, the 90 cm LED tubes are particularly recommended for use on the ceilings of large rooms, such as the lounge, dining room or the main bedroom.

They are also an excellent choice for shops or commercial establishments because of their high chromatic performance, which is extremely suitable for highlighting details.

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