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Our featured products from T8 LED Tubes 60cm

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Make a permanent move to LED lighting with our 60 cm tube lights. They are perfect for replacing the classic fluorescent tubes in your home or business and embracing the endless advantages that LED lighting brings with it.

The LED tubes are currently the most widely used LED tube light model since they last longer and are more energy efficient than other models on the market. Thanks to the intensity of the light they project, they are particularly suitable for use in the areas of the home in which you need a good amount of light.

Our 60 cm LED tube lights are the small LED tubes in terms of size from the series, they incorporate a side connection that facilitates installation and makes them extremely easily to insert and remove. They are the optimum size for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Spaces and rooms recommended for 60 cm LED tube lights

Above the bathroom mirror, 60 cm LED tube lights are ideal here, since they are the perfect size for use as an extra light sources, becoming a natural alternative to LED mirrors with incorporated light. 60 cm LED tube lights emit powerful and strong light, which makes it more comfortable for you when it comes to applying make-up or shaving.

The models with IP44 can be used in the bathroom without the need for specific light fittings, since they are designed to withstand the humidity that is usually produced in these spaces.

If you are looking for the perfect light source to prepare your meals and help with more delicate tasks in the kitchen, we advise you to place our 60 cm LED tube lights on the ceiling to achieve an even distribution of light.

The 60 cm LED tube lights offer a light output of up to 1980 lumens, which means you can even use them to light up particularly dark areas of your home like a broom cupboard, pantry or storage cupboard.

In a study or office space, the clarity of light emitted by our 60 cm LED tube lights is suitable for helping with writing, reading and to perform any other task that involves focussing the eyes for long periods of time. In addition, they don’t flash or buzz, which helps with concentration.

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