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Spider lights decorate the ceilings in your different rooms with their elegant uplighting. Their generally spectacular shapes are inspired by the lighting in large ballrooms.

Ceiling spider lights enrich our online catalogue of pendant lights, interweaving aluminium with glass, metal with fabric or rope.

Try them in your living room, dining room or entrance hall, capture your customers by placing them in the reception area of your business, make bedroom lighting more sophisticated or add a refined touch to your bathroom. There are as many possibilities as you could ever imagine.

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About Chandeliers

It is common to find this type of light fitting in vintage décor or rooms with a rustic feel. However, don’t underestimate the balance they provide when you combine them with modern or minimalist décor.

In addition to the materials or styles, you can also choose the number of bulbs - from 3 to 8, depending on the model-. This enables you to enjoy them in both large and smaller rooms.

The end result is a ceiling that takes the lead role in itself and that you can personalise using bulbs with LED filaments to reinforce that retro-vintage look.

Tips for buying a ceiling spider light

Spider lights provide uplighting, unlike lighting that provides downlighting or emits light sideways in the case of wall lights. This characteristic explains why, in the case of spider lights, the distance from the ceiling is particularly important.

Take a note of these 3 tips in relation to this and other elements that will help you to choose your lighting with spider ceiling lights and pendants:

  1. The ceiling This type of lighting requires space to become the protagonist of the room, so if you have high ceilings and can create distance between the light and ceiling, you will achieve amazing results. If you don’t have high ceilings, you can still have these lights, just choose a smaller model.
  2. The walls. The colour of your rooms is important when it comes to this type of lighting which, when emitting light upwards, creates stunning effects that are influenced by the texture of the walls. If the walls are dark, they tend to absorb the light so choose ceiling spider lights with more bulbs than if the walls are painted in a lighter colour.
  3. The size of the rooms. If you are wanting to illuminate large spaces, these lights will fill them with beauty. You can also play with them, for example, by moving them away from the ceiling and hanging them over the dining table. The effect will be amazing. If your rooms are not very big, take care not to install the spider lights on inside or outside corners of the walls. If your room is really small, they can still be elegant, choose the versatility of ceiling spotlights.