What is intelligent lighting?

Thesmart home concept is evolving in several dimensions, from simple home automation to the digital home, and certainly one of the most interesting is in the field of lighting.

Advantages of smart home lighting

With a home automation lighting system it is possible to automate the operation of the different luminaires in the home. This allows us to improve the energy efficiency, comfort and security of the house.

Improved comfort

We have already mentioned on previous occasions the importance of having adequate lighting, both for the space and the activities that take place in it. With home automation lighting systems we can turn lights on or off, regulate their intensity and, in some cases, even change the tone of the light.

App Philips hue

As far as comfort is concerned, we can define scenarios for the different activities in a room and apply them, when necessary, with a single click or voice command. For example, for the living room lights, we can define a scenario for watching movies. When applied, most of the lights in the living room will be turned off except for a few specially chosen lights that will be dimmed to generate a very soft ambient lighting without reflecting on the TV screen.

Saving energy

With an installation of this type it is very easy to check from our cell phone if we have left the lights on and turn off remotely if we wish. In this way we avoid the expense of having the kitchen lights on if we go on a trip. One more way to save energy at home.


The remote or automated control of lighting helps to keep our home safer. In the same way that we can turn off the lights as we mentioned in the previous point, we can turn them on, manually or programmed, for a few hours to simulate that someone is in the house.

The smart home can be controlled from your cell phone

How intelligent LED lighting works

The communication with the bulbs can be done from different means such as a wiring control itself, through the power line itself or wirelessly. The equipment available in our online store, such as products from the Philips hue range, use wireless technology under the ZigBee standard, which is a set of protocols widely used in home automation.

In addition, solutions such as Philips smart lighting are easily installed, even if we do not have any previous home automation installation in our home. From its mobile application we can easily control the lighting of each room.