Wall decoration with sconces

Using light to decorate a space is nothing new. In fact, lighting is playing an increasingly important role in interior design. It is a key element to bring comfort and style to any room. This time we are going to talk about decorating with sconces, mainly wall sconces, and we will show you some original ideas to bring that touch of creativity that will make each space a unique place.

How to decorate with sconces?

When choosing a LED wall or ceiling sconce, the first thing to consider is its function. We have to consider whether it will be part of the general lighting or if it will only serve as ambient light. Another important point is the design of the wall light. Although it depends on the taste of each one, it is essential to get an idea of how it will look even when it is not on, so we will have an element with high decorative value similar to a sculpture or a painting. We can also opt for designs that are integrated into the wall or ceiling, so that they go more unnoticed.

Indirect lighting as an element of comfort

Wall decoration with indirect light fixtures is one of the most widespread options. The light is projected onto the walls and distributed throughout the room. It provides a very pleasant feeling of warmth.

Within the different options for indirect lighting we can distinguish between the wall lights themselves and the range of LED wall and ceiling integration products. The latter are perfectly camouflaged within the wall and create a truly original effect.

The LED integrations seem to be part of the wall.
The LED integrations seem to be part of the wall.

The indoor LED wall lights that we present you in our online lighting store are made with a special material that allows us to paint and stucco the sconces so that they integrate into the decor or, on the contrary, give them a touch of color that contrasts with the wall and brings that fun point.

Decorating with sconces on terraces and gardens

If we have a terrace, a balcony or a garden, it may be interesting to provide that ambient light that allows us to create a comfortable space, even if we are outside the house.

In this case we can choose from the wide range of outdoor LED wall lights or opt for solar LED lighting, which in addition to having a modern look allow us to enjoy a 100% ecological lighting.

The solar LED wall lamp incorporates a motion sensor.
The solar LED wall lamp incorporates a motion sensor.

Original decoration ideas with LED wall sconces

We are going to propose some more original options for you to give that creative touch to the room you want to decorate. We present you different and original wall lights and even some elements that are not usually used as wall lights, but can be practical as well as decorative.

Rope wall lamp

Wall lamp made of rope and a filament bulb.

We can build this rustic style wall lamp with the Perseo rope pendant lamp and an e27 filament bulb. If we use textile cable from the DIY range we can adapt our wall lamp to the style we want by changing the color of the cable or choosing another type of bulb.

A trunk on the wall

Wall light with shelf made from a trunk and LED strip

To get this wall lamp all we need is a decorative element that simulates a trunk and place a LED strip around it. If we want, we can include a shelf to enjoy a decorative and functional wall lamp.

A decorative coffee

The Coffee wall light simulates a coffee cup.

With the original Coffee wall lamp we can go a step further and paint the cup as if it were part of our tableware and we can even paint the wall simulating the smoke that comes from freshly brewed coffee.

Origami applique

Do-it-yourself lamp made of paper

We can use the techniques we explained to you to make a DIY lamp and apply them in the creation of our personalized wall lamp.

As you can see, the options for decorating with wall lamps are practically endless. We just have to let our imagination run wild.