Uses and advantages of CCTV

A closed-circuit television is a surveillance system that uses security cameras and that we can find more and more frequently, even in domestic environments.

Two outdoor cameras

Elements of a CCTV system

The simplest implementation of this type of system consists of a camera connected to a monitor or recording unit. From this starting point, the installation can be expanded by adding additional cameras. If desired, the installation can be supplemented with other elements such as motion sensors.

CCTV applications

Surveillance is not the only use we can give to this type of installation. In summary, CCTV can be grouped into three main blocks:

  • Video surveillance
  • Recognition
  • Identification

In this way they can be used to identify individuals, monitor people or processes or identify all kinds of elements.

These uses imply their integration into passive security systems, both in companies and homes and even on public roads.

attempted burglary


The advantages of having security cameras are very diverse, the most noteworthy being the following:

Deterrence of criminal activity

Security cameras have a great power of deterrence against all types of behaviors or activities that may constitute a crime. Here we can include from theft to assaults or reckless driving.

Reduces the cost of insurance policies.

Closely linked to the previous one, if we have a closed-circuit television in our business or home, the risks of burglary decrease and the cost of insurance is usually lower.

In addition, the images taken can serve as evidence in the event of any incident.

Sense of tranquility

Many times it is not enough to be protected, it is necessary to feel protected. Having a camera system gives us extra peace of mind because we have the confidence that our property is being watched.

cctv installation

Disadvantages of video cameras

Like any other security system, this type of installation has its drawbacks.

They do not stop the thief

Despite being key in any process of identifying thieves or aggressors, they cannot prevent the crime from being committed and, by themselves, they are not capable of alerting neighbors or the police.


In some cases, these systems may jeopardize people’s right to privacy.

In workplaces, the installation of these cameras may not be welcome as it generates distrust and tensions in employer-employee relations.

Some camera models

Below we will see some of the options available to us when purchasing our cameras.

Bullet CCTV Camera 720p AHD IP67 IP67 IR25m

cctv bullet 720p camera

Excellent value for money. It is an economical camera but with very good performance. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor.

CCTV Camera Bullet 1080p AHD IP67 IR80m

cctv bullet 1080p camera

A camera with very advanced features such as 1080p resolution at 25fps or night vision up to 80 meters away.

4 IP Cameras & WIFI NVR Recorder Kit

ip camera kit

Undoubtedly the easiest way to get started in the world of video surveillance. This pack includes four HD cameras and a recording unit.

Undoubtedly, acquiring a video surveillance system is something that is already within the reach of every pocket and, in addition, its configuration is quite simple. Discover all its possibilities in the Smart Home section of our online store, where you will find not only security cameras but also alarms and all kinds of devices to maximize the comfort and security of your home or business.