Light and seasonal affective disorder

Light is a source of life and drastically influences our mood. In fact, in northern countries where enjoying the sun is quite rare, there is an increase in people who, despite having normal mental health, begin to experience symptoms of depression always at the same time of the year. This is known as SAD(Seasonal affective … Read More


LED lighting applications in road safety

The applications of LED lighting are many and go beyond the fact of providing light. Some of them we have already discussed previously. We have given you ideas for decorating with LED strips and tips on how to install them, we have talked about accent lighting and we have advised you on the lighting of … Read More

Lighting in developing countries

Lighting in developing countries

Currently, the majority of people living in rural areas of developing countries either do not have access to electricity or it is simply too expensive. The cost of lighting in “un-electrified” areas can be 100 to 1,000 times higher than in areas with a power grid. Without available light, sunset becomes a non-negotiable curfew. In … Read More

Decorating rustic interiors with LED lighting

Decorating rustic interiors with LED lighting

Rustic interior decoration stands out above all for creating really cozy spaces, evoking the tranquility and warmth of the rural environment where nature is present in every detail. Rustic style decoration Below we are going to unpack 3 of the keys to decorate a rustic house or to give that extra warmth to any space. … Read More

luminous contamination

What is luminous contamination and how to combat it?

Light pollution is a problem that is becoming more and more important because, as research on the subject evolves, the alteration of light levels during the night has an effect on people that can go far beyond preventing us from seeing the starry sky. We will now discuss some of the causes, consequences and possible … Read More

Lighting tricks to sell more

If you have a store, lighting should be one of the most important aspects to take care of. As we mentioned when talking about the psychology of color, the first impression of an item is based in more than 60% on the way it looks. While this is usually not enough to close the sale, … Read More

color rendering index

The CRI or color rendering index

The color rendering index(CRI) is a numerical value that summarizes the ability of a light source, such as an LED ceiling light, to render colors compared to natural light (CRI=100). This measure takes into account the response of the human eye. How CRI is calculated The CRI value of a light source is calculated by … Read More

choose the perfect flexo desk lamp

How to choose the perfect flexo desk lamp?

Having a well-lit work area, whether for studying or working, is very important. An LED flexo lamp is the best ally for students and, in fact, for anyone who works at a desk. We must take into account some details when choosing the most suitable one. With this small article we will try to help … Read More

lighting control system at a concert

Lighting control systems

Lighting control systems are nothing more than the set of elements that regulate the behavior of one or more luminaires, depending on certain parameters. With the development of home automation and IoT ( Internet of Things), this type of system is the basis of modern lighting and, undoubtedly, of the future. Actively regulating and controlling … Read More

LED Driver. Constant voltage or constant current

LED Driver. Constant voltage or constant current

Drivers are the technological and efficient equivalent of the old ballasts used in fluorescent lamps and convert alternating current from the mains into direct current suitable for the lighting fixtures. In this way, the LED is protected from fluctuations in mains voltage and other power supply variations that could damage the luminaire. On previous occasions … Read More

How to light a restaurant

How to light a restaurant

Lighting a restaurant correctly is not a simple task. Lighting must be in line with the style of the restaurant and the type of dishes served, but it must also facilitate the work of cooks, waiters, etc. When defining what type of lights to use, what power or color temperature, we have to differentiate the … Read More

what is luminance

What is Luminance

Also known as photometric brightness, luminance is the amount of luminous flux incident on, emerging from or passing through a given surface in a given direction. The surface under consideration is generally called the apparent surface, since it is the projection of the real surface on the plane perpendicular to the line of sight. How … Read More

How to light and decorate small bathrooms

How to light and decorate small bathrooms

Having little space is always a disadvantage when decorating and illuminating any room and bathrooms are no exception. With these brief tips, we will make a small bathroom look much more spacious. Where do we “save” space in a small bathroom? Before we get into the details, it’s important to know where you’re going to … Read More