What is black light?

What is black light?

Find out all about UV light, what it is and what it is used for. Learn how to turn your mobile phone into a homemade black light torch.

Uses of an electrical timer

A timer allows us to automate the switching on/off function of electrical devices or reduces electricity consumption, among many other things.

How to fix a flickering LED bulb?

Have you replaced your old halogen bulbs with LEDs and they are flickering? Don’t worry. We explain you how to solve the flickering of an LED bulb in a simple way.

LED lighting: present and future of lighting

LED lighting is a type of light that emerged as an intermediate step between traditional and energy-saving light bulbs. It is a more advanced technology that is destined to be the light of the future. In addition to the economic advantages it offers, LED lighting also plays an environmentally responsible role as it saves much … Read More

Welcome to our LED lighting blog

We are launching a new communication channel, from today we have our own blog about lighting in Ledkia. A meeting point where we will try to give answers to your questions and that will serve as a conversation between our team of lighting professionals and you. We’re going to guide our blog as if it … Read More