Outdoor cordless luminaires

One of the most common problems when lighting patios and gardens is the location of the light points. The most common is to have, at most, a single place where to put the luminaire. Undoubtedly, the simplest solution would be to have cordless lamps that do not need any type of connection to work.

Types of outdoor socket-free luminaires

When thinking about our new cordless luminaire, the first thing that comes to mind is some kind of battery or battery powered light source, but we can use other types of lights and no, we are not thinking about you filling the garden with LED lanterns. Since we are trying to light an outdoor space solar lighting is an alternative to consider.

Battery-powered luminaires

In this case, the solution that best suits our needs are the spotlights with battery. At the moment, in our online LED lighting store we have 10W and 20W spotlights, in conventional and compact format.

Luminaire without spotlight sockets

This type of LED luminaires offer a brightness of up to 1,800 lumens, which would be equivalent to that of a halogen spotlight of about 150W. Battery life is up to 4-5 hours (depending on the model).

These battery-powered LED projectors are perfect not only for the garden, they can also be used in camping or we can take them in the car to be used in any emergency.

Solar lights

Although they are still a type of battery-powered lamp, they are characterized by their total independence from the conventional electricity grid as they are powered exclusively by solar energy, which is a step beyond what would be a simple battery-powered light.

LED technology has been a turning point in favor of solar lighting. Its reduced consumption allows you to enjoy many hours of light with a single charge. They incorporate presence detectors so that the lights turn on and off automatically and only when necessary.

This wall lamp is an example of a wireless LED luminaire.

Unlike the projectors described in the previous point, they offer a more ambient light.

Advantages of wireless luminaires

Among the many advantages of this type of wireless LED luminaires we can highlight:

  • Ease of installation, as they do not require any wiring.
  • Minimal electricity consumption, which is reduced to zero in the case of solar wall lights.

In addition to all the advantages of LED technology, such as instant on without flickering or the absence of pollutants, which we have discussed on numerous occasions.

LED wall lights switch on automatically
Solar LED wall lights switch on automatically

Some models of cordless luminaires

Finally, we are going to present you a couple of products among all those available on our website:

Ultra-thin LED spotlight 20W with battery.

This spotlight comes in a very compact format, easy to carry and store. It offers a brightness of 1,200 lumens and can operate for up to five hours.

Compact battery-powered spotlight

Solar LED wall light with PIR sensor

Perfect for use in all types of outdoor spaces. It is especially practical thanks to its infrared presence sensor. It is easily fixed to the wall with two plugs and screws.

The solar LED wall lamp incorporates a motion sensor.

There is no doubt that wireless luminaires are an option to consider when lighting all kinds of outdoor spaces.