LED outdoor furniture

LED outdoor furniture is becoming increasingly popular and not only in the lighting of hotels, restaurants or summer terraces, but also among private homes.

When decorating our home, why do we tend to think only about the inside of the home? If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace you should also take advantage of it to give it your personal touch and make the most of it.

The furniture with light have very careful designs, bring originality to our decorations and also have LED lighting and all its advantages.

Illuminated furniture for original gardens

The LED outdoor furniture is designed to bring a touch of originality to the decoration and lighting of gardens and terraces. Nowadays the pieces have a very careful design and also work with LED technology, which achieves a uniform and cool light. On the other hand, in the past, incorporating lighting to a piece of furniture or object was somewhat complicated because the bulbs or light sources were very hot and also had a large size.

LED light cube
RGBW 40cm rechargeable LED Cube RGBW 40cm

LED lights make a terrace or garden look much more attractive, although we have to be careful because going from aesthetic to exaggerated is very easy. For this reason, before acquiring the new outdoor furniture, we will check that we have enough space for the decorative objects we want to place and we will also take into account the combination of colors that we intend to create since these cubes allow us to change their color thanks to the RGBW LED technology.

The LED lights incorporated in these decorative objects and furniture have a great energy efficiency and are very resistant to outdoor stays. In addition to having a very careful design, they are ideal for creating environments such as entrances, paths, corners … its minimalist and geometric shapes provide a different touch in any garden or terrace.

LED outdoor furniture, the ideal complement to terraces

When choosing outdoor furniture we will take into account not only the design, but the materials they are made of.

  • The LED outdoor furniture that we have in Ledkia is made of polyethylene, which is a highly resistant material in extreme weather conditions and resistant to UV rays, good light diffuser and easy to clean. In addition to having several current designs, we have some even fun as this mushroom-shaped.
Garden light in the shape of a mushroom
RGBW rechargeable LED mushroom
  • These furniture with light are an original and practical option that fulfill both a decorative and functional function in the lighting of the terrace.
  • They are a simple way to give additional color. They allow to play with light effects creating a different atmosphere every time.

One of the main advantages is that the RGBW LED lights can be operated by an IR (infrared) remote control that allows you to manipulate the RGBW light at will and a rechargeable battery that makes it possible to use the furniture or object in areas far from a point of light. This allows us to place them in any outdoor area and change the color or intensity without being next to them.

Among the illuminated furniture, we also have other elements such as planters, illuminated geometric pieces, lamps in the form of spheres, chairs or water trays, among others.