LED Christmas Lighting

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner it is time to think about how we are going to decorate our homes with the tree, the nativity scene and other typical objects. Nothing better to welcome the holidays and the new year than opting for the versatility offered by LED Christmas lighting to give a touch of light and color to our homes.

Here are some ideas and lighting elements, some traditional and others more innovative, that will make us enjoy a fantastic Christmas.

Traditional LED Christmas lighting

In our online lighting store we have several elements of Christmas lights that use LED technology and are perfect to replace conventional decorative lights. Here are some examples:

LED garlands

Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, the garland is the ultimate light decoration for the Christmas holidays. Available in various colors, using LED technology, it saves 80% in electricity consumption compared to traditional garlands. They are usually used mainly in the decoration of the Christmas tree, but can be found in many places such as windows, fireplaces, around mirrors or pictures, etc..

Guirnalda LED de exterior
Garlands of lights are a very versatile decorative element.

We can find garlands of lights in various formats from the typical chains or curtains, full of small bulbs, to others that use less common materials in this type of decoration such as cotton, perfect if we decide on a more sober and elegant style. In fact, the latter are beginning to be used in the usual decoration of spaces where you want to have an original ambient lighting. On the other hand, as they are battery operated, we can place them anywhere, whether we have an outlet nearby or not.

LED candles

Undoubtedly one of the novelties of this season. These LED candles are the perfect alternative to their conventional counterparts. They do not emit smoke and are completely safe because there is no combustion. As they are made of vegetable wax and simulate the flickering of a flame, their appearance is extremely realistic. The version with remote control allows you to set various functions such as automatic shutdown or light intensity. This is a decorative complement that will bring warmth to any room.

Alternatives to conventional Christmas lighting

Thanks to the use of LEDs we have numerous alternatives when decorating with light, either at Christmas or any other type of party or event. Here are some examples.

LED strips and neon lights

In another article we already showed how to install different types of LED strips and all the possibilities they offer in terms of decoration and accent lighting. If we stick strictly to Christmas LED lighting we must highlight the RGB strips, which allow us to make very varied light games and especially the musical controller that allows the light and color of the strip to vary depending on the music we have on. No more having to endure the traditional musical garlands!

Neon LED hoses provide a uniform, bright light reminiscent of classic neon signs. They are the latest trend in decorative and accent LED lighting. They will add a special touch to any space and allow you to create unique decorative elements. The only limit is in our imagination.

Neon lamps

Available in different colors and shapes, neon lamps bring a very cheerful and casual touch of color. We just have to find the design that best suits the rest of the decor.

As you can see there are no more excuses to decorate your home or business thanks to the variety and versatility of the products we offer in Ledkia your online lighting store.