LED accessories for night sports

Practicing sports is a healthy habit that is becoming more and more widespread. On many occasions, daily obligations only leave us a few hours a day to enjoy our favorite sporting activity, usually at night.

We are not going to get into the debate of whether running at night is good or bad, what we are going to tell you is how LED lighting can help you to practice it in a safer and, probably, much more fun way.

Basic equipment for running at night

The wide variety of sporting activities that can be done at night are very varied and will determine the equipment we need. However, running and cycling are some of the most popular when the sun goes down.

Night race

From a safety point of view the most important thing is to see and be seen better, especially in low light conditions. That’s why we need lightweight, easy-to-carry accessories that can efficiently produce light.

The most popular sports lighting gadgets

Today, there are a multitude of LED gadgets for all kinds of purposes. In this brief review, we will focus on the ones that will allow us to do sports at night safely.

LED headlamps

LED headlamps are undoubtedly one of the most popular items, especially in the field of running and hiking.

How to choose a headlamp?

The basic points to take into account when choosing our headlamp are:

Amount of light: Indicated in lumens, it is essential to manage safely in low visibility environments. It is recommended to provide at least 500 lm.

Battery life: Indispensable, the more the better. We must make sure that we will have enough light to finish our route.

Comfort: Another basic aspect. If our flashlight is not comfortable, it is very possible that we will take it off before time, putting our safety at risk.

LED frontal

A really interesting option is the CREE XM-L T6 headlamp. It has a 3h battery life, provides 1200 lm and can be used as a bike light or headlamp.

Light bracelets

A LED armband is an excellent accessory for cycling, running, hiking or simply for going out for a walk.

This type of accessory is lightweight and easy to use. They usually have several light modes: fixed and flashing with various speeds.

Night volleyball, the star of the summer

Beach volleyball is very popular, especially in summer. Being a time of year where the heat becomes a little more bearable after sunset, it is not surprising that a night game is much more appealing.

If we incorporate different elements such as curtains or luminous garlands to illuminate the net and use LED strips to delimit the playing field, the result can be very spectacular.

LED night volleyball

Other sports

Although in some practices it is less common, using LED accessories to practice sports at night can be extrapolated to any discipline. No matter if it is to illuminate a paddle tennis court or perform activities, traditionally daytime, such as golf or skiing, we are sure to find the necessary lighting elements to give that extra spectacularity.

Playing sport with LED light