How to save with industrial LED lighting

It’s time to improve your company’s performance. When you think about improving, you probably think that it is about renewing the machinery or the distribution of space in a more efficient way, but it is not. In this article we are going to talk about industrial LED lighting.

Save with industrial LED lighting

A priori, lighting is not an element that has priority to be updated, since we only look at it when it fails, either because a lamp blows or because its performance drops. This way of thinking has to stop, since lighting is an important component , just like the IT system or the employees. If we are aware of the advantages of industrial LED lighting and we let ourselves be properly advised, we will obtain more than satisfactory results.

Significant savings can be achieved just by changing the existing industrial lighting for LED lighting

Having quality lighting is an aspect to take into account, since the improvements it can produce will affect all areas of the company. The main beneficiary will be the electricity bill, since one of the great points in favor of industrial LED lighting is the energy savings it provides.

Industrial LED hoods. The best option.

In Efectoled we have a wide variety of industrial LED luminaires. Here we will show you some of the most outstanding ones.

One of the recommended would be the UFO series of LED bells, with a saving capacity of up to 80% compared to its conventional equivalent. It is usually installed in warehouses, industrial buildings, gas stations or parking lots. They are mainly spaces with high ceilings that need high quality lighting, allowing all kinds of work with perfect visibility.

UFO LED hood, an indispensable element in the industrial LED lighting industry
UFO LED hood, an indispensable element in industrial LED lighting.

We can improve the efficiency of our industrial lighting system by using dimmers or motion detectors. Currently, there is the possibility of obtaining both together through the corresponding accessory kit that includes: the motion sensor, the twilight sensor and the base where they are installed. In this way, we obtain maximum efficiency by not having to deal manually with the management of our industrial LED lighting, as it will adapt to natural light conditions and the presence of people in its radius of action.

Motion sensor and twilight sensor for UFO LED hoods
Motion sensor and twilight sensor for the UFO LED hood

On the other hand, the Ohio Industrial LED Canopy can be integrated into any lighting control system based on the DALI protocol. This system integrates all the lights, sensors, etc. in a computer program that will allow you to adjust the intensity, as well as the lights that must be on or off, at different times, by sectors, etc. In short, maximum efficiency with just one click for a thorough and fast control, which will allow the configuration and remote control of our industrial lighting, being able to adjust each point of light to our needs.

Ohio Industrial LED Bell
Ohio industrial LED hood compatible with DALI system

Both the UFO and Ohio hoods have an IP65 protection rating, as they are perfectly suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors. It should be noted that the previously mentioned sensor kit has an IP20 protection, so it cannot be installed outdoors or in very humid areas without adequate protection. The IP value is a very important factor, it will let you know the degree of protection against dust and water. The higher the number, the higher the protection, up to a maximum of IP68. So if you ignore this indicator, the equipment will not function optimally and will certainly fail and prevent the use of the product completely.

Commitment to the environment

Finally, it is important to bear in mind the environmental importance of using industrial LED lighting. With low maintenance and high durability, they do not generate as much waste as other technologies. In addition, they do not use polluting elements such as mercury among their components.

Start saving in your company with the best industrial LED lighting on the market.