How to light and decorate small bathrooms

led lighting for bathrooms accent lighting

Having little space is always a disadvantage when decorating and illuminating any room and bathrooms are no exception. With these brief tips, we will make a small bathroom look much more spacious.

Where do we “save” space in a small bathroom?

Before we get into the details, it’s important to know where you’re going to save space from. If we need a lot of storage and can do without the bathtub, opting for a shower tray will allow us to add some extra furniture or shelving.

On the contrary, if we cannot do without a relaxing bath, we will have to have a smaller sink, for example. Be that as it may, we have to know how to prioritize the functionalities we need from our small bathroom to make the most of every last corner.

Decoration and lighting tips for small bathrooms

Now let’s review some tips to make the most of the space in our bathroom, however limited it may be.

Use large tiles

In general, large patterns whether they are tiles, paper or directly painted on the wall are perfect to deceive the eye, making the space appear larger. A good trick is to use wide horizontal lines.

Mirrors to add spaciousness

Mirrors bring spaciousness to any space, something especially useful in small bathrooms. To maximize the effect, we can use mirrors that go all the way to the floor or cover the entire wall.

Large bathroom mirrors

Wall-hung furniture and bathroom fixtures

In addition to greatly facilitate the tasks of cleaning the floor, this type of suspended elements look great in any space regardless of its size, but in a small bathroom they will provide the necessary lightness to avoid overloading the space.

Faucets on the wall

If we can install the faucets on the wall, we will gain up to 10 cm by installing a more compact sink. It may not seem much, but in the case of very narrow bathrooms those centimeters will allow us to move more comfortably.

Narrow bathrooms

Hangers everywhere

On the walls, behind the door… Any corner without taking advantage is perfect to place a hook where to hang a towel or a basket where to place objects. This way we have a very versatile storage system.

Light in the mirrors

If a mirror is well illuminated it will facilitate multiple daily tasks such as shaving or makeup. In the majority of occasions, a zenithal light is not enough and we will have to complement it with some source of extra light, which we will place in each side of the mirror.

Bathroom storage

Closets up to the ceiling

If there is a corner where a cabinet can fit, we will get the most out of it if we put one that reaches the ceiling. Even if it is shallow, it will allow us to store a lot of things.

Recessed lights to gain space

Using recessed lights in the ceiling will provide greater amplitude to the space. We will try that the lighting is uniform so that there are no areas with shadows. The most common is to opt for a neutral light color temperature, the most similar to sunlight.

Transparent partitions

Transparent screens

If we have a shower or bathtub with a transparent screen, the visual field of the space is enlarged. If we have a curtain, having it drawn back will achieve the same effect. On the other hand, if the shower and the sink are very close, a curtain can be a better solution than a screen because it will not limit our movement.

As you can see, with these little tricks of decoration and lighting for bathrooms we will make the most of the available space, no matter how little it is.