How to illuminate an already built swimming pool

If we want to have a swimming pool with lighting, the best time to get everything ready for the installation is during the construction. If the decision is made after the pool has already been built, the process is much more complex.

Fortunately, we can go for more unconventional light fittings and light up our pool in a more original way.

Installing lights in an existing pool

The most complicated case may involve drilling holes in the pool to pass the wiring, putting at risk the watertightness of the pool.

The first thing we need to check is whether we still have the pool builder’s/installer’s warranty. This is crucial since, if we tamper with the structure of the pool, the warranty is immediately voided.

Install pool lights

We can use surface or recessedLED spotlights for pools, being the first ones the most used in this case since the installation is less invasive. An alternative to running the cables through the pool shell is to place them inside a profile or a pipe and place them on the surface, but the result is considerably less aesthetically pleasing.

Whatever we decide, we must always leave the installation in the hands of an experienced professional, who will be able to evaluate each case and advise us accordingly.

Finally, we insist on the importance of requesting the warranty, in written form, in the case of any modification affecting the integrity of the pool and its correct operation.

How to illuminate a swimming pool without construction work

As we have seen, installing a lighting system in an already built pool is expensive and we are at risk of future leaks. Fortunately, in Ledkia we bring you several alternative ways to light the pool without the need for complicated work.

spotlights to light up the swimming pool


The simplest alternative. Placing a LED floodlight is easy and fast. In addition, we can choose from a wide variety of wattages, color temperatures and even use RGB floodlights to shine colorful lights on the pool.

Integrated architectural light

A very interesting alternative if our pool is attached, or very close, to the house or other architectural elements such as gazebos. In this case, we can integrate the light in a nearby structure so that it projects the light towards the pool.

Architectural lighting over the pool

With this alternative it may be necessary to do some works, but in any case it will not be necessary to carry out any work on the pool.

Floating light

Floating lights for swimming pools are original and enjoyable light sources that can take a variety of shapes and forms.

Whenever we place lights near water, we must always pay attention to their IP rating.

In our LED outdoor furniture section you can find, for example, the water trays. This tray is not only useful to bring a touch of light but also to get some drinks or snacks while enjoying a refreshing swim.

Tree lights near the pool

Tree lights

Similar to the architectural light approach, here we can take advantage of a tree or other element of the garden to install the lights. This option is very unique when it comes to light up a swimming pool and will catch everyone’s attention.

Perimeter pool lights

Lastly, we can install ground spotlights or LED strips along the perimeter of the pool. This type of lights may also require some work, but in never in areas that are going to be covered by water.

lights on the pool perimeter

Of course nothing prevents us from combining several of these alternatives together or, if our pool already has recessed lighting, use these options as an extra personality touch. The options are endless.