How to clean a pool and prepare it for the summer

With the sun starting to warm up and summer closer, it is time to start thinking about getting the pool ready.

On other occasions we have given you tips on the different lighting elements for gardens and pools, but this time we present you some small guidelines to clean and prepare the pool after the winter season.

designer pool

Although it is always advisable to winterize the pool correctly, with these simple steps we will be able to have it in perfect conditions, whether you have done it or not.

Preparing the pool after winterizing

If we have adapted our pool for the winter, the process of preparing it for the summer period is very simple.

1. Remove the cover

First we will remove the cover that we placed at the end of the summer, we will clean it well and we will let it dry before storing it.

2. Check the state of the water

If the water level has dropped too low, we will replenish the water until it reaches the proper level.

If the water has remained clean, it is enough to give a review to the bottom and the walls with the sweepers and cleaners, to adjust the pH and to make a chlorination of shock.

measure ph and chlorine levels

If the water is dirty, we will have to recover it. This implies the use of flocculants and a deeper revision of the filtration system.

If there are objects such as branches or leaves, we will remove them manually so that no clogging occurs.

3. Check the operation

Finally, we will check the drains, ladders, filters, etc. to see that they are working properly.

If the water of the swimming pool is in very bad conditions it is advisable to look for the advice of an expert professional.

To prepare a swimming pool without wintering

In this case the preparation may involve a little more work:

1. To clean in depth the walls and the bottom

Normally with the pool empty to remove all the dirt. We will take the opportunity to check that there are no cracks or fissures and repair them if we find them.

If we are going to remove the water during the cleaning, we can take the opportunity to update the pool lights and give it a completely new look.

clean the pool

2. To clean in depth the depurator

Filters, skimmers, etc… we will clean well all the elements of the purifier.

In gresite pools it is not advisable to use pressure cleaners.

3. To check the operation

We will check the correct operation of all the elements of the filtering and filling systems.

4. We will fill the pool

Once the cleaning and the necessary repairs are done, it is time to fill the pool.

5. Prepare the water

Now it only remains to adjust the pH and to apply disinfectant, algaecide and flocculant as necessary.

Once we have our pool clean and with the water in perfect conditions, the only thing that remains is to enjoy a good bath when the heat presses.