Garden decoration with LED furniture

Decorating gardens with LED furniture is a very original way to create a unique atmosphere that we can enjoy now that the good weather is approaching. We have already told you how to illuminate your garden with LED strips and now we will show you all the options offered by our online lighting store to create original spaces with LED furniture and other luminous complements.

Characteristics and uses of LED furniture

Although they can be used in any corner of the home or in businesses such as bars, hotels, office receptions, etc., these garden decoration products that we present below are manufactured especially for use in outdoor spaces. They are made of polyethylene and have a protection factor of IP65 or higher. This material is of very good quality, highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and, in particular, to UV rays. On the other hand, it is very easy to clean.

They have a rechargeable battery inside so they do not need to be connected to the mains. The battery life is approximately 10 hours and the full charge time is estimated at 5 to 6 hours. In addition, these garden decoration products have a remote control that allows us to comfortably control all the functions of this type of furniture.

Elements for garden decoration with LED furniture

In EfectoLED we offer you different LED decoration elements such as cubes, spheres or mushrooms in different sizes and shapes. They have a nice design with simple lines that make these products ideal pieces of decoration if you are looking for originality and distinction in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Elements for garden decoration with LED furniture
Different elements for garden decoration with LED furniture

A widely used element are the LED planters with various models and sizes to choose from. They can also be used to separate two spaces or environments, either in the garden or inside the home or business. Other very common elements in garden decoration are fruit bowls, bottle racks, drink trays, etc. You can even have a floating tray to enjoy a cocktail or any drink directly in the pool.

Create special atmospheres in any garden or terrace

With all the options we have presented you can get, for example, a very nice and relaxing Chill Out atmosphere with a touch of elegance and modernity.

You only have to complement these proposals for decorating gardens with neutral colors, simple and elegant lines to get the desired atmosphere in any space, whether indoors or outdoors. Even so, this type of setting is mostly found in gardens, restaurants or any business with large spaces and terraces with views.

[vc]Every detail of the space counts. Take advantage of them and design a unique space where to create unforgettable memories.[vc].

Combining the different light sources to enhance the natural attraction of the garden we will get that perfect scene. The white color, either warm or neutral, is the clear protagonist in lighting, but with a touch of color in the pots or any decorative element LED RGB get that special touch that will bring versatility to lighting. A growing trend, especially in large spaces, is to use garden lanterns.

Chill out atmosphere with LED furniture
Chill out atmosphere with LED furniture

In addition to all these products garden decoration also have a variety of options for lighting gardens and other outdoor spaces, such as spotlights for swimming pools, beacons and sconces with which to provide light and decorate.