socket types

Types of sockets in the world

Explore the incredible variety of plugs in the world: from type A to type N. Why isn’t there a single plug for everyone? Discover the reasons behind this curious diversity and connect with the stories each plug tells.

anti-crime lighting

Anti-crime lights

In previous articles we have discussed studies revealing the benefits of green light in reducing chronic migraines and the skin benefits that both blue and red light could provide. This time, blue light is again in the spotlight. From Tokyo to New York, various programs to prevent both crime and suicide have made use of … Read More

LED accessories for night sports

LED accessories for night sports

Practicing sports is a healthy habit that is becoming more and more widespread. On many occasions, daily obligations only leave us a few hours a day to enjoy our favorite sporting activity, usually at night. We are not going to get into the debate of whether running at night is good or bad, what we … Read More

Savings in hotel lighting with LEDs

Savings in hotel lighting with LEDs

For a hotel, lighting is not only a fundamental element for the development of its daily activities, it is the most important item in terms of electrical energy consumption. Lighting in a hotel can account for up to 18% of the total energy consumed and around 40% of electricity consumption. Each step taken to improve … Read More

Lifi in operation

Lifi. Internet in a light bulb

The Internet of things or IoT ( Internet of things for short) focuses on the interconnection of everyday objects, such as light bulbs or household appliances, either with each other or with people. Add this to the growing number of smartphones, tablets, computers, TV or radio stations and other items that use radio signals to … Read More

myths and lies about LEDs

The 15 biggest myths and lies about LEDs

There are already many of us who enjoy efficient and high quality lighting thanks to the multiple benefits of LED technology, but there is still a certain lack of knowledge about how they really work. Below we will try to show the reality behind the main myths about LED lights, which have been created over … Read More

Green LED light against headache

Green LED light against headache

Headache is one of the most common ailments today. The most common way to combat it is to use drugs such as ibuprofen, which is increasingly abused, or at least it was until now. Studies by Dr. Mohab Ibrahim show that using green LED light can significantly mitigate migraines. The origin of light therapy that … Read More

color pshycology

Color psychology

Color psychology studies the effect of colors on human behavior. As part of psychology, understood as a medical science, it is considered an immature discipline. Nevertheless, in other fields such as design, fashion, advertising or architecture, its study is taken into account. Origin of color psychology The history of color begins with Aristotle and his … Read More

history of led

Origin and history of the LED

LED technology has undoubtedly changed our environment, or at least the way we light it, but what is behind the history of LEDs? Let’s discover the origins of the technology that has revolutionized the lighting market. Discovery of the LED Electroluminescence, a phenomenon we have discussed before, is not new. It was first observed by … Read More


What is electroluminescence?

Electroluminescence is a characteristic of some materials, usually semiconductors, which emit light when exposed to a certain current or a sufficiently strong electric field. This technology is not a recent discovery; for example, in 1960 Chrysler was already incorporating electroluminescent panels in its vehicles. One of its main characteristics is the type of light it … Read More

intelligent lighting

What is intelligent lighting?

Thesmart home concept is evolving in several dimensions, from simple home automation to the digital home, and certainly one of the most interesting is in the field of lighting. Advantages of smart home lighting With a home automation lighting system it is possible to automate the operation of the different luminaires in the home. This … Read More

what is zigbee

What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is a set of wireless communication protocols that allows the creation of personal area networks (PAN, Personal Area Network). It is characterized by low power consumption and low data rate. It is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and uses one of the unregulated frequency bands: 868-868.8 MHz: Europe, allows one communication channel, extended … Read More

tuv certificate

TÜV Certificate

You probably already know the most common certificates for lighting products such as RoHS, which limits the use of elements such as lead or mercury, or the CE marking, essential for a product to be sold in the EU. This time we are going to talk about TÜV certificates, which you can also find on … Read More

clean rooms

Clean rooms

Many times we have seen or heard about clean rooms, maybe without knowing it. They are the typical rooms that appear in movies or documentaries where people put on special suits and decontaminate themselves before entering. Let’s find out more about these facilities! Clean room concept A cleanroom is an enclosed space that allows extremely … Read More

kelvin degrees

What is Kelvin?

Kelvin (K) is the unit of temperature in the international system. Discover its origin and how it relates to Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Solar energy

Solar energy

Solar energy has a multitude of uses… even in air conditioning! Discover them all in this post.

Photovoltaic solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is clean and economical. Discover its physical fundamentals and its main applications.