What does RGB mean

When we talk about RGB ( Red, Green, Blue) we are referring to a color composition system based on the addition of the primary colors of light. Primary colors Primary colors are those that cannot be achieved by combining other colors. They are the basis of an ideal model to define colors based on the … Read More

Lumen and lux

Lumen and Lux, what are they?

Although we may think that lumen and lux are modern concepts, they are not. They were first defined in the 13th century by Bartholomew of Bologna, an Italian theologian, in the “Tractatus de luce”. There he defined lux as the rays that are generated by a light source, and lumen as the diffusion of that … Read More

how to install a downlight LED

How to install a LED downlight

Like other technologies applicable to people’s daily lives, LED technology has been evolving and being optimized. The arrival of LED downlight panels was a revolution when it came to installing light points in the home, as they offered superior light performance compared to previous lighting solutions, such as fluorescent tubes or halogen lights. Savings, efficiency … Read More