Cable as a decorative element

The wiring of all kinds of electrical appliances and lamps has always been considered as something that was better to hide, that was able to spoil the look of the most exclusive design lamp.

We are going to show you some tricks to turn the wires of our lamps into something decorative.

Textile electric cable

The easiest way to avoid the need to hide a decorative electrical cable is to use one whose appearance is in keeping with the style of decoration.

Textile electric cable, such as the one we can find in the DIY section of our online store, is available in a wide variety of colors, both plain and braided.

electric textile cable

By using this type of cable, instead of a typical black plastic one, there is no doubt that it will increase the decorative value of any lamp.

On the other hand, by combining the cable with the rosette and the lamp holder that we like, we can create our own personalized lamp in the purest do-it-yourself style. In fact, as we have already seen, we can create our own lampshades.

Decorative wire as an artistic element

With a bit of grace, we can turn lamp wires into true works of art.

Drawing made with cable

For this trick, we need the wiring to be quite long, since we will draw on the ceiling or wall with it.

It is not necessary to be Velázquez and make a spectacular drawing, simple geometric shapes are very modern and decorative.

Highly decorative geometric shapes

Decorated cables

If we do not want to complicate changing the cable of the lamps for a nicer one or one that is long enough for our “drawings” we can choose to decorate it.

Decorated cable

We simply have to personalize a little the clamps that hold it with some imagination and we will obtain very original and amusing results. We can also cover it with fabric or thread.

Hidden wiring

Sometimes, or there is no other choice or simply we do not want them to be in sight, not even transformed into a beautiful urban landscape. In these cases there is only one thing to do: hide them.

If the cables we want to hide are, for example, the different chargers that we have around the house and that, let’s face it, are becoming more and more numerous. We can turn the drawer of any dresser or piece of furniture into a charging space where we can leave the cell phone, the tablet and even the laptop.

cable storage drawer

Another quite common situation is when we have a floor lamp or other type of appliance that is quite far from any socket. An alternative, much more pleasing to the eye, to having the cables in the middle of the room is to run them over the baseboard and decorate it so that the wiring is not visible.

decorated plinth

This can be applied to all types of cables we have at home, even network cables. In this case we will ensure that the cable is of quality and that by adding a few more meters to, for example, make our drawing, the connection quality will not be diminished.

Do you know more tricks to disguise the light cables or alternatives to make them more decorative? Do not hesitate! Leave us your ideas in the comments section.