Business Decoration with LED Lighting

When we talk about decorating businesses with LED lights, the first thing we think of is commercial premises where people come and go continuously. Clothing stores, coffee shops or bakeries come to mind. We may even remember a hotel lobby that caught our eye. Although any space can be decorated with style, we always associate this type of activity with the lighting of businesses such as stores, rather than offices or factories. In the latter, lighting is just another tool that makes our work easier and more productive.

Lighting in clothing shop

Basic lighting layers

Before we focus on the many options we have when it comes to decorating a business with light, let’s review how layered lighting works. A simple method for defining lighting for any type of space.

General or ambient lighting

This is the main source of light in the space. Its purpose is to make customers feel at ease and to allow them to move around the space comfortably. When it comes to choosing general lighting, there are two well differentiated positions. The first and, in principle, more logical is to design this type of lighting before the others. However, there are those who prefer to introduce ambient lighting as a last step and only in areas that need extra brightness so as not to leave areas that are too dreary.

The main elements of this type of lighting are downlights and panels. They are characterized by their wide beam opening angle and opal diffuser that minimizes glare.

Bar decorated with LEDs

Accent lighting

In business decoration, it is used to highlight products, decorative objects or other desired elements. Normally we find this type of lighting focusing on shelves or showcases, at the entrance of a store or where new or seasonal products are displayed and in shop windows.

In this case, spotlights that concentrate the light and have a high CRI, which reproduces colors naturally and without distortion, are what we need. Track lighting is the most commonly used for this purpose. It stands out for its versatility, since it allows us to move and rotate the luminaires so that they adapt perfectly to the arrangement of the articles.

Work lighting

It is used in the zones where a light of greater intensity is necessary to develop certain tasks. We usually use this light in the checkout area, in customer service or in the fitting rooms.

cash register

Decoration of commercial spaces

In this case, what we are looking for is to add that point of sophistication and beauty that makes each space unique. In many cases, the design of the luminaire is more important than the light it emits. After all, we are talking about a decorative element, as could be a sculpture, and it does not have to be functional.

Although LED decoration provides us with a wide variety of possibilities, the focus of the business has to be the product or service we offer and not the decoration.

Decorative lighting exists to be seen and, consequently, it must be placed in places where it can be seen properly such as: in the shop windows or that can be seen from them, at the entrance of the premises or on high ceilings. Something to keep in mind is that the lighting has to be in accordance with the style and decoration of the business and, if applicable, of the products it offers. It does not make much sense to place a very modern wall light in an antique store.

decorative lamp in a commercial space

Main alternatives for decorating businesses with LED lights

  • LED strips. We have talked at length about the versatility of LED strips for decorating businesses or any space. In fact, they can be used not only as decoration, but also as accent lighting on product shelves or displays.
  • Retro lamps. They are perfect for giving a vintage or even industrial look to the space. They combine perfectly with filament bulbs.
  • Wall sconces. Indoor wall sconces can be customized and become true works of art.
  • LED furniture. Furniture with light does not have to be used only on the terraces of trendy places. They are perfect to give a touch of color and originality to any business.
Garden decoration with LED furniture

  • Colorful garlands. The LED garlands, widely used especially when Christmas comes and in the lighting of tents for events, can be used to create designs that will give personality to the space and that we can vary over time.
  • LED chains. Formed by different luminous modules, they are used mainly in signage, and can be adapted to any object to illuminate it from the inside. LED chains can be attached to any surface by gluing, screwing or snapping.
LED chain

When it comes to decorating businesses with LED lighting, the possibilities are endless. The only thing we have to avoid is to use elements or design that do not match the brand image we want to convey and that the decoration distracts from what is really the center of the business, whether the products we sell or the services we offer.