All about LED streetlights for street lighting

LED streetlights are the solution for efficient and environmentally friendly street lighting. Within the urban lighting solutions we can find two different options: streetlights themselves and LED bulbs for streetlights. Depending on the existing luminaires we will choose between one or the other.

LED street lighting

Advantages of LED streetlights for street lighting

By adopting this type of street lighting, the advantages we obtain are similar to those offered by LED technology in most general lighting applications. The economic benefits come from the energy savings compared to other technologies, such as metal halide or sodium vapor bulbs (here we have a comparison of the different technologies for street lighting, which are between 40% and 60%). Their durability is considerably longer, up to 50,000 hours, with no need for maintenance.

From an environmental point of view, LED streetlights pollute much less. They contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, light pollution and do not contain environmentally hazardous elements such as mercury.

Finally, by improving the level of street lighting, we increase the level of comfort and safety on public roads. In addition, LEDs do not emit UV or IR radiation and emit very little heat, so they attract fewer insects.

LED bulbs for street lights

This type of bulbs are the most economical solution to update street and square lighting, since the only element that is replaced is the bulb itself. Currently there are two different socket models: E27, like the typical bulbs with fat thread, and E40.

How to choose the right streetlight bulb?

Depending on the lighting needs of the environment and the height of the luminaire, we can choose a whole range of wattages from 10W to 54W. Another factor to take into account is the arrangement of the bulb in the luminaire and the shape of the luminaire. Thus, we can choose a bulb with the necessary IP protection and the appropriate aperture angle to maximize the light output. Typical beam openings are 180º and 360º. Discover in our online store the full range of LED lamps for street lighting.

Outdoor LED street lights

Replacing the entire luminaire is somewhat more expensive, but from a technical point of view it is the most advisable. Although it will take a little longer to recover the investment, in exchange we will get better performance in terms of light output, energy efficiency and durability of the product.

In Ledkia we have a wide variety of LED street lighting luminaires, from 40W to 100W and in all kinds of designs, from the most classic to the most modern. All of them have IP65 or higher protection factor that allows them to withstand inclement weather.

Detail of a street with street lamps

Applications for LED street lights

Designed for outdoor use, we see them mainly in streets, avenues, parks and other roads, either within the population or in traffic circles and highways. Given their power and durability, they can also be used in other areas such as parking lots and in commercial or industrial environments, spaces where efficient and resistant lighting solutions are needed. It is not surprising that garden lampposts have become a decorative element in all kinds of spaces.

Main models of streetlight bulbs

Among the lamp models available we can differentiate between those that emit light at 360º, available with E27 and E40 socket, and those that radiate at 180º. Let’s see some examples:

LED public lighting lamp with the typical shape of a cob
LED lamp for street lighting with the typical cob shape.

The design of this bulb focuses light at 180º
The design of this bulb focuses the light at 180º.

Main streetlight designs

Within the range of LED street lights we find all kinds of designs, from the most vintage to the most modern lines. Here is a small sample:

LED street light with a conventional design
LED street light with a conventional design

Modern luminaire for road lighting
Modern LED street light for street lighting

Remember that in our online lighting store you have a wide range of LED street lighting products with many more models to choose from.