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LED Lamps & Bulbs

Our LED lighting online store has a wide range of LED bulbs and lamps of the highest quality, suitable for all kinds of places and purposes. Browse our catalogue of LED lights below and save money with LED technology, starting with our products boasting the most competitive prices on the market!

LED Ceiling Lighting

LED ceiling lighting is incredibly versatile and elegant. It’s perfect for both professional and private uses, thanks to its outstanding performance and a much lower energy consumption. You will find a great variety of LED ceiling lights at our online store, at the most spectacular quality/price ratio. Shop now!

Decorative LED Lamps

Decorative LED lamps are the most popular choice for fashionable and designer spaces, due to their amazing capability of making any environment unique and special. At Ledkia we have a wide range of designer LED lighting, including vintage lamps and bulbs, different coloured lamps and many more. Browse our catalogue now!

LED Floodlights

LED floodlights offer a great many advantages, as opposed to traditional lighting options: they are efficient, have a long working life, and a high light intensity. All these characteristics ensure an unparalleled performance with a much lower energy consumption, thus resulting in major savings in all aspects. Check out our online LED lights store!